About us

Progenus is an innovative scientific Belgian company working in the DNA sector. Our activities cover four key areas: research, analysis kits, analyses for the agriculture/food industry and analyses for animals.

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Our mission and passion

Our mission is to provide our clients with a reliable, accessible, high-quality scientific environment in order to develop custom DNA analyses and innovative projects. We share our expertise in scientific techniques with all our clients, adapted to their real-world needs and in an understandable format. Every risk is anticipated for a more reliable result!

Our infrastructures

"Our laboratories are perfectly adapted to the requirements of molecular biology and quality standards. They are equipped with the most reliable technologies: sequencers, real-time PCR instruments, automated DNA extraction systems, ...
We have also developed a platform of analysis tools to expand our expertise in fields such as bacterial culture (biosafety level 2 laboratory) and ultrasensitive detection methods (surface plasmon resonance, fluorescence, luminescence, absorbance and electrochemical measurement)."


Progenus was founded by Professor Robert Renaville (current CEO) in 2001, initially focusing on research in molecular biology. In 2007, the company launched its contract research department to assist small and larger companies in the DNA research programmes.

One year later, Progenus began a collaboration with a leading human vaccine company and developed its first custom molecular kits. This innovation was recognised by the Province of Namur, which awarded the company the Alfers Prize in 2010.

In 2014, Progenus celebrated the arrival of the second generation: Professor R. Renaville’s daughter Bénédicte joined the company as COO and continued to develop the contract research department.

In 2019, Progenus became the only non-Moroccan laboratory to hold the IMANOR certificate.

Since 2022, it has been ISO13485 certified by GMED.

Progenus never stops evolving! Our team continue to grow, and the company has moved to a new site and signed new international partnerships.

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