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Our analysis kits for your laboratory

Progenus provides PCR and DNA extraction tests specifically adapted to the needs of the agriculture/food industry and laboratories.

Kits FastScreenTM

Animal DNA detection kit, suitable for use on production sites

This innovative kit can be used on production sites and can detect the slightest trace of animal DNA in raw meat or processed products. There are four types of FastScreen: for detecting beef, horse, chicken or pork.

Your advantages:

  • Result in less than one hour
  • More sensitive than PCR (<0.0001%)
  • No technical expertise required
  • Minimal equipment, all contained in a single case
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Kits EasyFastTM

Animal, plant or micro-organism DNA detection and quantification kit, only for laboratory use

The most sensitive DNA kit on the market (0.0001%)!
Designed to make your life easier with a single mastermix for all reagents. Simply add your DNA samples.

There are four types of EasyFast: DNA extraction, micro-organism detection, animal species detection and plant species detection.

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