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Custom services

Originating in one of the first molecular biology laboratories in Belgium, Progenus is committed to biotechnology and develops simple yet effective technical solutions that are adapted to your needs. Our multidisciplinary team puts its passion for innovation at the disposal of all our clients to meet their scientific challenges!

Our services for research

DNA services:

  • Development of simplex or multiplex real-time PCR tests
  • Development of DNA extraction methods for all matrices
  • Production of PCR kits (tubes or prefilled plates) as per ISO13485
  • Development of LAMP tests (isothermal DNA amplification)
  • Development of PCR for sequencing applications (Sanger and NGS)
  • Development of fragment analysis tests (fingerprint analysis – 22 markers)

Protein services:

  • Development of ELISA tests

Pathogen services:

  • Development of PCR methods for virus and bacteria detection
  • Development of rapid bacteria and virus lysis.

Our CRO process

Co-creation, construction and implementation of the project

We start by identifying your expectations, needs and constraints in order to carry out a feasibility study. We then work with you to define your research project and its key stages.
Other partners may be involved as appropriate. 
We provide regular updates on results at each stage, and include you in the decision-making process so that the project constantly adapts to your changing needs.

Our infrastructures

Our laboratories are perfectly adapted to the requirements of molecular biology and quality standards. They are equipped with the most reliable technologies: sequencers, real-time PCR instruments, automated DNA extraction systems and more.
We have also developed a platform of analysis tools to expand our expertise in fields such as bacterial culture (biosafety level 2 laboratory) and ultrasensitive detection methods (surface plasmon resonance, fluorescence, luminescence, absorbance and electrochemical measurement).

Our loyal clients


ZenTech is a prominent player in the realm of neonatal screening who approached Progenus when they were looking to broaden their product range.

Our partnership was sealed when a new PCR testing kit was launched in 2020, with a second kit made available in 2021.


We developed a rapid quality-control test based on multiplex PCR technology for this major healthcare company, who were looking for a solution to their lengthy and costly QC processes.


Progenus is coordinator for the FluoFast project with support from Wagralim's competitive cluster. The project aims to develop rapid testing for bacteria detection in the agri-food sector.

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