Agriculture/food industry

Do you need to verify the traceability of a meat product?
Does this lasagna contain pork?
Is this piece of salmon really salmon?

Progenus has the largest range of animal species detection solutions on the market.

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Essential for agri-food businesses

Controlling raw materials, processed and finished products has become essential for the agriculture/food industry. It is often crucial to identify the different elements in a product for health & safety reasons, but also for ethical, religious or medical reasons. It is an absolute necessity for both your partners and your company and its reputation.

Thanks to an ISO 17025-certified laboratory and an innovative methodology, Progenus carries out all the analyses you need and responds to your questions as quickly as possible.

Our four categories of analysis

We carry out the following analyses on foodstuffs, organic materials and rinse water.

DNA detection

We detect the DNA of various plant and animal species for you using real-time PCR.

DNA quantification

Once a positive detection has been established, the DNA detected can be quantified for both plant and animal species.

Meat traceability

This test is used to compare the genetic profiles of two samples taken from an animal (for example an ear in the abattoir and meat in the supermarket). This is used to prove whether or not the samples come from the same individual animal.


We use sequencing and the bioinformatic analysis of certain genes to identify the bacteria, plant or animal species in a sample.

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Do you want to carry out an analysis? It’s easy.


Download the order form and complete it with the reference of your samples, the sample type, the analyses required and their level of urgency.


Send us the order form and the samples (individually identified) by post.


On receipt of your samples, we will inform you of when the results will be sent.


We will send you an analysis report by email no later than the specified date. And of course, we are available to provide any additional information you may need.

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